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Our  Story

Today, probably like never before yoga has found a global presence. Although it is been practiced in all kinds of distortions, the word "yoga" has a global presence. It has survived thousands of years because it has worked like nothing else. The only thing that has worked for the longest period of time for human well-being is yoga.


Looking at all the distortions that were happening to yoga and the way it was been reduced to just as an exercise form, Sadhguru decided to offer Classical Hatha Yoga in its full depth, dimension, and purity to people.


There are various aspects to well-being - physical health, psychological, energy, and spiritual. So when we are willing to invest only around 60 minutes per day for ourselves, we want to see that the benefits are across the board for us and not just in bunched-up muscles or physical health.
Our mission is to share this ancient wisdom of classical Hatha Yoga with people who are willing to explore and experience the true joy and the immensity of being human through simple and powerful tools of yoga and not just do it as an exercise form.

So join us on this journey of transforming the physical body from a series of compulsive processes to a conscious process and convert it into a powerful instrument of perception and knowing. We would be very happy to share the possibility of experiencing this profound dimension with everyone willing.

With the aid of science, we have many comforts today that could never have been dreamt of a hundred years ago. Despite that, it cannot be said that humanity is any happier and more peaceful than it was. 

Our founder, Virti came across yoga, not just as a practice but as a different dimension of life during her college times in a quest to know what’s more to life than the comforts and desires we, as a generation are entangled with. And the simple yet so powerful tools that she learned from Isha Foundation changed her very perspective on life then after. She realized how yoga was not about doing anything in particular but a certain way of being which can enhance and transform the way you experience life.

Grateful to have come across it at an age where she can enhance her experience of life as well as others, she decided to go for the Teacher Training to touch all willing lives around her. She feels a great sense of fulfillment when she gets an opportunity to touch someone’s life and help them enhance their experience of life. 

We encourage everyone to experience the technology of inner well-being as earliest as possible because the only way you can know anything in this universe is through yourself. 

Our  Mission

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