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Nada Yoga

Every little sound has an impact on our system. It could have happened if you listened to a particular music, you felt very loving to the point of tears. In Indian classical music, for different moods, there are different Ragas.


Sounds that are organized with the necessary understanding and experience naturally have a certain impact.


It is most important to receive mantras from the right source in the right manner to practice them. A mantra is like a concentrated capsule that you swallow and which reverberates within you forever.


People can cause serious damage by uttering mantras in the wrong ways. So it is extremely important that it is practiced with the right discipline. There is a whole science of bringing a certain understanding and to initiative people into that process.

We offer two packages:-

  • Learn 2 powerfully consecrated chants and get initiated into Mantra Yoga. 

  • Learn Hindustani Classical Music and explore the depth and intricacies of sound which can do miraculous things to you.

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