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                                             A Yogic Gym!

Fitness is not about aerobic exercises and muscle toning but about overall health which includes aspects like flexibility and organ health too.

Angmardana helps you develop muscular strength while maintaining your body's flexibility. It works on the ligaments and sinews of the body that hold the skeletal system and muscles together. That builds a different kind of strength and resilience in the system. 

Even if the muscles are very strong, strengthening the fundamental fabric of the body i.e. the sinews is a different game. This holds you well for a lifetime. Angmardana is a beautiful tool for that and also takes care of organ health. 

It involves the body, a certain pattern of breathing, floor exercises and all you need is a 6*6 space to practice!

Packed with high physical intensity, it will surely leave you energized and take years off the body, bringing a sense of lightness and freedom.  

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