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Bhuta  Shuddhi

There is substantial scientific evidence which shows that with a thought or an emotion, you can change the molecular structure of water, without changing its chemical composition. We can influence and change the quality of the 5 elements just with our thought, emotion, intention, or energy. With Bhuta Shuddhi, we want to rearrange the way the elements function within us.

It is this basis that gives Bhuta Shuddhi its effectiveness and its ability to transform a human being in miraculous ways. You can address life just as a body, or on a cellular level, even on an atomic level but the elements are the most fundamental. Yoga is an attempt to address life in its most fundamental form.

Have you noticed a thousand times the same situation happens, but still the next time it happens you react the same way? It’s simply because the imprint is so deep that you behave in predetermined compulsive ways. It takes a certain amount of awareness to respond in a different way. Bhuta Shuddhi does this on the most fundamental level.

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