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What does sound do to our system?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Music is beautifully arranged sounds in a certain way which is pleasing for you to listen to. It can cause emotions and thoughts in different ways, depending upon how you use it. There are certain kinds of music which gets you all charged up, or some that could make you feel subtle, loving or still. So different kinds of music have different impacts on our system.

How can we use sound to evolve into higher dimensions of perception?

If you listen very carefully to the way the leaves are rustling, the way the birds are chirping, even the traffic noise very carefully, you will see any kind of sound can become a certain kind of passage for an inward journey. If you are involved with sound with a certain depth of focus and attention, then music can become a passage to turn inward.

Mantra Yoga

Hindustani Classical Music

In terms of understanding sound and using it to influence the human system, nowhere else in the world has sound been looked at with the kind of depth as in Hindustani music.

If you really want to appreciate Hindustani music - not to learn, not to perform a concert - you would need at least one or two years of training. This is just to be able to appreciate the intricacies of this form of music. Sound is used in ways that if you are willing to open up, it can do miraculous things to you.

Hindustani music evolved with a certain experience and understanding. If you observe people who are deeply involved in Indian classical music, you will see they are naturally meditative. They become sage-like, almost like saints. So, this music was not viewed as entertainment. It was a device for the spiritual process. The ragas were used to evolve a person into higher dimensions of perception, experience and evolution from within.

Above all, how by uttering simple sounds in a certain way can get you into a state of inner pleasantness from within, that experience is what Hindustani Music is about.

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aashay shah
aashay shah
Jun 09, 2023


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