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Why it necessary to experience and not only practise Yoga in today’s world?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In today’s fast paced and stressful world, people are simply living by their tendencies and compulsions not thinking if they are actually running after what they really want. Needs keep pulling us one way or the other and we think we are doing it by choice but actually, there is no choice. Never before was it so necessary to take charge of our thoughts and emotions and not only work on the physical body.

Yoga is a science that can help you determine the nature of who you are and what you want to be consciously and not driven by society. Once you experience yoga, the very way you experience life can change in a way that will lead you toward your ultimate well-being.

The only gateway for you to know anything in this universe is yourself. People around us can only create situations. How we experience them is always generated by us. Anything that you can experience can only happen within you. So, turning inward is the answer.

All your sense organs are outward bound.You can hear what happens around, but you cannot hear the immense amount of activity happening in your body. Nature has opened up your sense perception as it is necessary for survival.

Turning inward is another dimension of perception. This is possible for everyone. But it is not part of your survival scheme, which is why it has not opened up naturally. You have to strive a little bit. Anything that is not part of your survival will not come to you naturally, you have to strive.

Suppose you were lost in the jungle when you were just an infant. If something edible came in front of you, you would not take it and push it into your ears. You would know where it should go. All aspects of survival have come naturally to you. But would you know how to read, write or do so many other things that you are doing right now? These things have come to you only with a certain striving.

Similarly, turning inward has not happened because there has been no striving, no guidance in society. We have turned our entire life into survival process. We are not looking at just surviving, we want to survive better than those around us. This keeps us busy our entire life. But if you are willing to explore what’s more to life than our compulsions and tendencies of body and mind, we can give you a vehicle that will turn you inward.

If you turn inward, you will know the nature of life that you are unconsciously and endlessly trying to search in the materialistic aspects of life.

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